Rechargeable batteries

One of the issues I was concerned about when I started with my Lego WeDo workshops was the power supply. The only disadvantage I can find about the cable-free solution is the waste of batteries. I did not want to use regular batteries, which, apart from the price, are very contaminating.

It was time to experiment with rechargeable batteries. Should I buy the expensive official Lego rechargeable battery, which costs more than 60€? And that is the cheap version, the power pack that includes the charger soars over 100€.

WeDo 2.0 Add-on Power Pack

I find this product highly overpriced. If you buy it, just the battery will cost more than 30% of the price you paid for the entire set. Besides, you do not need it to make it work. How many standard batteries must you use in order to make the investment worth?

I decided to give AA rechargeable batteries a try. After all, if they did not work I could always use them somewhere else. As you can imagine, they are way cheaper. So I bought these.

After these months I can say that, in my experience,

  • 1300 mAh is enough, you do not need more.
  • They last long enough to end the class.
  • They work perfectly fine after many recharges.

In my opinion, this is the perfect solution. The only disadvantage I could mention is that you must remember to recharge them before the class, and of course, you need a charger. Extra tip, I always have extra batteries for emergencies, but, until now, I have never had to use them.

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